Long-Term Supported Versions

    Key Features

    • iSula lightweight container solution, unified IoT, and edge and cloud computing container solutions

      • Shortens a trace chain by three levels, and the memory usage of hundreds of containers is significantly lower than that of the Docker engine.
      • Supports standard open-source container runtime interface (CRI) and open container initiative (OCI) and flexibly interconnects with multiple OCI runtimes such as runC and Kata.
      • Secure container: combines the virtualization technology and container technology to ensure better isolation of secure containers.
      • System container: supports local file system startup to implement quick deployment, and supports systemd deployment to improve user namespace isolation.
    • Kunpeng acceleration engine (KAE), supporting encryption and decryption acceleration

      • Digest algorithm SM3, which supports asynchronous models.
      • Symmetric encryption algorithm SM4, which supports asynchronous models and CTR, XTS, and CBC modes.
      • Symmetric encryption algorithm AES, which supports asynchronous models and ECB, CTR, XTS, and CBC modes.
      • Asymmetric algorithm RSA, which supports asynchronous models and key sizes 1024, 2048, 3072, and 4096.
      • Key negotiation algorithm DH, which supports asynchronous models and key sizes 768, 1024, 1536, 2048, 3072, and 4096.
    • A-Tune intelligent system performance optimization engine, inferring service features and configuring optimal system parameters to ensure optimal service running

    • Enhancing the performance of glibc, zlib, and gzip and fully using the NEON instruction set of AArch64 to improve the basic library performance

    • Kernel feature enhancement

      • Supports ARM64 kernel hot patches.
      • Numa Aware Qspinlock: reduces cache/bus conflicts across NUMA nodes.
      • Optimizes the IOVA page table lookup and release algorithms to improve the performance of the IOMMU subsystem.
      • Optimizes the implementation of CRC32 and checksum based on ARM64 instructions and pipeline features, greatly improving data verification performance.
      • Supports ARM v8.4 Memory System Resource Partitioning and Monitoring (MPAM).
    • virtualization feature enhancement

      • Interruption virtualization optimization: The process for an IRQfd to inject an interrupt is optimized, greatly improving the performance of high-performance passthrough devices (sush as NICs and SSDs).
      • Memory virtualization optimization: The Kunpeng hardware feature is used to improve the memory loading speed during VM startup.
      • Storage virtualization optimization: NUMA affinity self-binding is optimized for the iSCSI module kworker to improve the I/O performance of IP SAN disks.

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