Q1: An error occurs when the train command is used to train a model, and the message “training data failed” is displayed.

Cause: Only one type of data is collected by using the **collection **command.

Solution: Collect data of at least two data types for training.

Q2: The atune-adm cannot connect to the atuned service.

Possible cause:

  1. Check whether the atuned service is started and check the atuned listening address.

    # systemctl status atuned
    # netstat -nap | atuned
  2. The firewall blocks the atuned listening port.

  3. The HTTP proxy is configured in the system. As a result, the connection fails.


  1. If the atuned service is not started, run the following command to start the service:

    # systemctl start atuned
  2. Run the following command on the atuned and atune-adm servers to allow the listening port to receive network packets. In the command, 60001 is the listening port number of the atuned server.

    # iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 60001 -j ACCEPT
    # iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --sport 60001 -j ACCEPT
  3. Run the following command to delete the HTTP proxy or disable the HTTP proxy for the listening IP address without affecting services:

    # no_proxy=$no_proxy, Listening IP address

Q3: The atuned service cannot be started, and the message “Job for atuned.service failed because a timeout was exceeded.” is displayed.

Cause: The hosts file does not contain the localhost information.

Solution: Add localhost to the line starting with in the /etc/hosts file. localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4

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