Long-Term Supported Versions

    Functions changed info

    ---------------diffs in nftables_libnftables.so.1.0.0_abidiff.out:----------------

    ELF SONAME changed

    Functions changes summary: 409 Removed, 2 Changed (16 filtered out), 2 Added functions

    Variables changes summary: 0 Removed (87 filtered out), 0 Changed, 0 Added variables

    Function symbols changes summary: 2 Removed, 0 Added function symbols not referenced by debug info

    Variable symbols changes summary: 0 Removed, 0 Added variable symbol not referenced by debug info

    SONAME changed from 'libnftables.so.0' to 'libnftables.so.1'

    409 Removed functions:

    [D] 'function void __memory_allocation_error(const char*, uint32_t)' {__memory_allocation_error}

    [D] 'function void __netlink_abi_error(const char*, int, const char*)' {__netlink_abi_error}

    [D] 'function void __netlink_init_error(const char*, int, const char*)' {__netlink_init_error}

    [D] 'function int __stmt_binary_error(eval_ctx*, const location*, const location*, const char*, ...)' {__stmt_binary_error}

    [D] 'function nftnl_expr* alloc_nft_expr(const char*)' {alloc_nft_expr}

    [D] 'function nftnl_chain* alloc_nftnl_chain(const handle*)' {alloc_nftnl_chain}

    [D] 'function nftnl_rule* alloc_nftnl_rule(const handle*)' {alloc_nftnl_rule}

    [D] 'function nftnl_set* alloc_nftnl_set(const handle*)' {alloc_nftnl_set}

    [D] 'function nftnl_table* alloc_nftnl_table(const handle*)' {alloc_nftnl_table}

    [D] 'function expr* binop_expr_alloc(const location*, ops, expr*, expr*)' {binop_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* bitmask_expr_to_binops(expr*)' {bitmask_expr_to_binops}

    [D] 'function void cache_flush(mnl_socket*, nft_cache*, cmd_ops, list_head*, unsigned int, output_ctx*)' {cache_flush}

    [D] 'function void cache_release(nft_cache*)' {cache_release}

    [D] 'function int cache_update(mnl_socket*, nft_cache*, cmd_ops, list_head*, unsigned int, output_ctx*)' {cache_update}

    [D] 'function void chain_add_hash(chain*, table*)' {chain_add_hash}

    [D] 'function chain* chain_alloc(const char*)' {chain_alloc}

    [D] 'function void chain_free(chain*)' {chain_free}

    [D] 'function chain* chain_get(chain*)' {chain_get}

    [D] 'function const char* chain_hookname_lookup(const char*)' {chain_hookname_lookup}

    [D] 'function chain* chain_lookup(const table*, const handle*)' {chain_lookup}

    [D] 'function const char* chain_policy2str(uint32_t)' {chain_policy2str}

    [D] 'function void chain_print_plain(const chain*, output_ctx*)' {chain_print_plain}

    [D] 'function const char* chain_type_name_lookup(const char*)' {chain_type_name_lookup}

    [D] 'function cmd* cmd_alloc(cmd_ops, cmd_obj, const handle*, const location*, void*)' {cmd_alloc}

    [D] 'function cmd* cmd_alloc_obj_ct(cmd_ops, int, const handle*, const location*, obj*)' {cmd_alloc_obj_ct}

    [D] 'function int cmd_evaluate(eval_ctx*, cmd*)' {cmd_evaluate}

    [D] 'function void cmd_free(cmd*)' {cmd_free}

    [D] 'function void compound_expr_add(expr*, expr*)' {compound_expr_add}

    [D] 'function expr* compound_expr_alloc(const location*, const expr_ops*)' {compound_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void compound_expr_remove(expr*, expr*)' {compound_expr_remove}

    [D] 'function expr* concat_expr_alloc(const location*)' {concat_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function const datatype* concat_type_alloc(uint32_t)' {concat_type_alloc}

    [D] 'function void concat_type_destroy(const datatype*)' {concat_type_destroy}

    [D] 'function stmt* connlimit_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {connlimit_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* constant_expr_alloc(const location*, const datatype*, byteorder, unsigned int, void*)' {constant_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* constant_expr_join(const expr*, const expr*)' {constant_expr_join}

    [D] 'function expr* constant_expr_splice(expr*, unsigned int)' {constant_expr_splice}

    [D] 'function stmt* counter_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {counter_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function const char* ct_dir2str(int)' {ct_dir2str}

    [D] 'function expr* ct_expr_alloc(const location*, nft_ct_keys, int8_t, uint8_t)' {ct_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void ct_expr_update_type(proto_ctx*, expr*)' {ct_expr_update_type}

    [D] 'function const char* ct_label2str(unsigned long int)' {ct_label2str}

    [D] 'function void ct_label_table_exit()' {ct_label_table_exit}

    [D] 'function void ct_label_table_init()' {ct_label_table_init}

    [D] 'function stmt* ct_stmt_alloc(const location*, nft_ct_keys, int8_t, expr*)' {ct_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function error_record* data_unit_parse(const location*, const char*, uint64_t*)' {data_unit_parse}

    [D] 'function const datatype* datatype_lookup(datatypes)' {datatype_lookup}

    [D] 'function const datatype* datatype_lookup_byname(const char*)' {datatype_lookup_byname}

    [D] 'function void datatype_print(const expr*, output_ctx*)' {datatype_print}

    [D] 'function void devgroup_table_exit()' {devgroup_table_exit}

    [D] 'function void devgroup_table_init()' {devgroup_table_init}

    [D] 'function int do_command(netlink_ctx*, cmd*)' {do_command}

    [D] 'function stmt* dup_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {dup_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function void erec_add_location(error_record*, const location*)' {erec_add_location}

    [D] 'function error_record* erec_create(error_record_types, const location*, const char*, ...)' {erec_create}

    [D] 'function void erec_destroy(error_record*)' {erec_destroy}

    [D] 'function void erec_print(output_ctx*, const error_record*, unsigned int)' {erec_print}

    [D] 'function void erec_print_list(output_ctx*, list_head*, unsigned int)' {erec_print_list}

    [D] 'function error_record* erec_vcreate(error_record_types, const location*, const char*, va_list)' {erec_vcreate}

    [D] 'function expr* expr_alloc(const location*, const expr_ops*, const datatype*, byteorder, unsigned int)' {expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function const datatype* expr_basetype(const expr*)' {expr_basetype}

    [D] 'function int expr_binary_error(list_head*, const expr*, const expr*, const char*, ...)' {expr_binary_error}

    [D] 'function expr* expr_clone(const expr*)' {expr_clone}

    [D] 'function bool expr_cmp(const expr*, const expr*)' {expr_cmp}

    [D] 'function void expr_describe(const expr*, output_ctx*)' {expr_describe}

    [D] 'function void expr_free(expr*)' {expr_free}

    [D] 'function expr* expr_get(expr*)' {expr_get}

    [D] 'function void expr_print(const expr*, output_ctx*)' {expr_print}

    [D] 'function void expr_set_type(expr*, const datatype*, byteorder)' {expr_set_type}

    [D] 'function stmt* expr_stmt_alloc(const location*, expr*)' {expr_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function void exthdr_dependency_kill(payload_dep_ctx*, expr*, unsigned int)' {exthdr_dependency_kill}

    [D] 'function expr* exthdr_expr_alloc(const location*, const exthdr_desc*, uint8_t)' {exthdr_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function const exthdr_desc* exthdr_find_proto(uint8_t)' {exthdr_find_proto}

    [D] 'function bool exthdr_find_template(expr*, const expr*, unsigned int*)' {exthdr_find_template}

    [D] 'function int exthdr_gen_dependency(eval_ctx*, const expr*, const proto_desc*, proto_bases, stmt**)' {exthdr_gen_dependency}

    [D] 'function void exthdr_init_raw(expr*, uint8_t, unsigned int, unsigned int, nft_exthdr_op, uint32_t)' {exthdr_init_raw}

    [D] 'function stmt* exthdr_stmt_alloc(const location*, expr*, expr*)' {exthdr_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function const char* family2str(unsigned int)' {family2str}

    [D] 'function expr* fib_expr_alloc(const location*, unsigned int, unsigned int)' {fib_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function const char* fib_result_str(nft_fib_result)' {fib_result_str}

    [D] 'function expr* flag_expr_alloc(const location*, const datatype*, byteorder, unsigned int, unsigned long int)' {flag_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function stmt* flow_offload_stmt_alloc(const location*, const char*)' {flow_offload_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function void flowtable_add_hash(flowtable*, table*)' {flowtable_add_hash}

    [D] 'function flowtable* flowtable_alloc(const location*)' {flowtable_alloc}

    [D] 'function void flowtable_free(flowtable*)' {flowtable_free}

    [D] 'function flowtable* flowtable_get(flowtable*)' {flowtable_get}

    [D] 'function void flowtable_print(const flowtable*, output_ctx*)' {flowtable_print}

    [D] 'function stmt* fwd_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {fwd_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function const char* get_rate(uint64_t, uint64_t*)' {get_rate}

    [D] 'function void get_set_decompose(table*, set*)' {get_set_decompose}

    [D] 'function expr* get_set_intervals(const set*, const expr*)' {get_set_intervals}

    [D] 'function const char* get_unit(uint64_t)' {get_unit}

    [D] 'function void gmp_init()' {gmp_init}

    [D] 'function void handle_free(handle*)' {handle_free}

    [D] 'function void handle_merge(handle*, const handle*)' {handle_merge}

    [D] 'function expr* hash_expr_alloc(const location*, uint32_t, bool, uint32_t, uint32_t, nft_hash_types)' {hash_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function const char* hooknum2str(unsigned int, unsigned int)' {hooknum2str}

    [D] 'function void iface_cache_release()' {iface_cache_release}

    [D] 'function void iface_cache_update()' {iface_cache_update}

    [D] 'function void interval_map_decompose(expr*)' {interval_map_decompose}

    [D] 'function stmt* limit_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {limit_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* list_expr_alloc(const location*)' {list_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void list_expr_sort(list_head*)' {list_expr_sort}

    [D] 'function const char* log_level(uint32_t)' {log_level}

    [D] 'function int log_level_parse(const char*)' {log_level_parse}

    [D] 'function stmt* log_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {log_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* map_expr_alloc(const location*, expr*, expr*)' {map_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function stmt* map_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {map_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* mapping_expr_alloc(const location*, expr*, expr*)' {mapping_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void mark_table_exit()' {mark_table_exit}

    [D] 'function void mark_table_init()' {mark_table_init}

    [D] 'function markup* markup_alloc(uint32_t)' {markup_alloc}

    [D] 'function void markup_free(markup*)' {markup_free}

    [D] 'function expr* meta_expr_alloc(const location*, nft_meta_keys)' {meta_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function error_record* meta_key_parse(const location*, const char*, unsigned int*)' {meta_key_parse}

    [D] 'function stmt* meta_stmt_alloc(const location*, nft_meta_keys, expr*)' {meta_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function stmt* meta_stmt_meta_iiftype(const location*, uint16_t)' {meta_stmt_meta_iiftype}

    [D] 'function stmt* meter_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {meter_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function uint32_t mnl_batch_begin(nftnl_batch*, uint32_t)' {mnl_batch_begin}

    [D] 'function void mnl_batch_end(nftnl_batch*, uint32_t)' {mnl_batch_end}

    [D] 'function nftnl_batch* mnl_batch_init()' {mnl_batch_init}

    [D] 'function bool mnl_batch_ready(nftnl_batch*)' {mnl_batch_ready}

    [D] 'function void mnl_batch_reset(nftnl_batch*)' {mnl_batch_reset}

    [D] 'function int mnl_batch_talk(netlink_ctx*, list_head*)' {mnl_batch_talk}

    [D] 'function void mnl_err_list_free(mnl_err*)' {mnl_err_list_free}

    [D] 'function uint16_t mnl_genid_get(netlink_ctx*)' {mnl_genid_get}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_chain_batch_add(nftnl_chain*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_chain_batch_add}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_chain_batch_del(nftnl_chain*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_chain_batch_del}

    [D] 'function nftnl_chain_list* mnl_nft_chain_dump(netlink_ctx*, int)' {mnl_nft_chain_dump}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_event_listener(mnl_socket*, unsigned int, output_ctx*, int (const nlmsghdr*, void*), void)' {mnl_nft_event_listener}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_flowtable_batch_add(nftnl_flowtable*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_flowtable_batch_add}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_flowtable_batch_del(nftnl_flowtable*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_flowtable_batch_del}

    [D] 'function nftnl_flowtable_list* mnl_nft_flowtable_dump(netlink_ctx*, int, const char*)' {mnl_nft_flowtable_dump}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_obj_batch_add(nftnl_obj*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_obj_batch_add}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_obj_batch_del(nftnl_obj*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_obj_batch_del}

    [D] 'function nftnl_obj_list* mnl_nft_obj_dump(netlink_ctx*, int, const char*, const char*, uint32_t, bool, bool)' {mnl_nft_obj_dump}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_rule_batch_add(nftnl_rule*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_rule_batch_add}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_rule_batch_del(nftnl_rule*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_rule_batch_del}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_rule_batch_replace(nftnl_rule*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_rule_batch_replace}

    [D] 'function nftnl_rule_list* mnl_nft_rule_dump(netlink_ctx*, int)' {mnl_nft_rule_dump}

    [D] 'function nftnl_ruleset* mnl_nft_ruleset_dump(netlink_ctx*, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_ruleset_dump}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_set_batch_add(nftnl_set*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_set_batch_add}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_set_batch_del(nftnl_set*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_set_batch_del}

    [D] 'function nftnl_set_list* mnl_nft_set_dump(netlink_ctx*, int, const char*)' {mnl_nft_set_dump}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_setelem_batch_add(nftnl_set*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_setelem_batch_add}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_setelem_batch_del(nftnl_set*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_setelem_batch_del}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_setelem_batch_flush(nftnl_set*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_setelem_batch_flush}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_setelem_get(netlink_ctx*, nftnl_set*)' {mnl_nft_setelem_get}

    [D] 'function nftnl_set* mnl_nft_setelem_get_one(netlink_ctx*, nftnl_set*)' {mnl_nft_setelem_get_one}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_table_batch_add(nftnl_table*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_table_batch_add}

    [D] 'function int mnl_nft_table_batch_del(nftnl_table*, nftnl_batch*, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {mnl_nft_table_batch_del}

    [D] 'function nftnl_table_list* mnl_nft_table_dump(netlink_ctx*, int)' {mnl_nft_table_dump}

    [D] 'function uint32_t mnl_seqnum_alloc(unsigned int*)' {mnl_seqnum_alloc}

    [D] 'function monitor* monitor_alloc(uint32_t, uint32_t, const char*)' {monitor_alloc}

    [D] 'function void monitor_free(monitor*)' {monitor_free}

    [D] 'function void mpz_bitmask(__mpz_struct*, unsigned int)' {mpz_bitmask}

    [D] 'function void* mpz_export_data(void*, const __mpz_struct*, byteorder, unsigned int)' {mpz_export_data}

    [D] 'function uint16_t mpz_get_be16(const __mpz_struct*)' {mpz_get_be16}

    [D] 'function uint32_t mpz_get_be32(const __mpz_struct*)' {mpz_get_be32}

    [D] 'function uint16_t mpz_get_uint16(const __mpz_struct*)' {mpz_get_uint16}

    [D] 'function uint32_t mpz_get_uint32(const __mpz_struct*)' {mpz_get_uint32}

    [D] 'function uint64_t mpz_get_uint64(const __mpz_struct*)' {mpz_get_uint64}

    [D] 'function uint8_t mpz_get_uint8(const __mpz_struct*)' {mpz_get_uint8}

    [D] 'function void mpz_import_data(__mpz_struct*, void*, byteorder, unsigned int)' {mpz_import_data}

    [D] 'function void mpz_init_bitmask(__mpz_struct*, unsigned int)' {mpz_init_bitmask}

    [D] 'function void mpz_lshift_ui(__mpz_struct*, unsigned int)' {mpz_lshift_ui}

    [D] 'function void mpz_prefixmask(__mpz_struct*, unsigned int, unsigned int)' {mpz_prefixmask}

    [D] 'function void mpz_rshift_ui(__mpz_struct*, unsigned int)' {mpz_rshift_ui}

    [D] 'function void mpz_switch_byteorder(__mpz_struct*, unsigned int)' {mpz_switch_byteorder}

    [D] 'function bool must_print_eq_op(const expr*)' {must_print_eq_op}

    [D] 'function const char* nat_etype2str(nft_nat_etypes)' {nat_etype2str}

    [D] 'function stmt* nat_stmt_alloc(const location*, nft_nat_etypes)' {nat_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function int netlink_add_chain_batch(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*, uint32_t)' {netlink_add_chain_batch}

    [D] 'function int netlink_add_flowtable(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*, uint32_t)' {netlink_add_flowtable}

    [D] 'function int netlink_add_obj(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*, uint32_t)' {netlink_add_obj}

    [D] 'function int netlink_add_rule_batch(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*, uint32_t)' {netlink_add_rule_batch}

    [D] 'function int netlink_add_set_batch(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*, uint32_t)' {netlink_add_set_batch}

    [D] 'function int netlink_add_setelems_batch(netlink_ctx*, const handle*, const expr*, uint32_t)' {netlink_add_setelems_batch}

    [D] 'function int netlink_add_table_batch(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*, uint32_t)' {netlink_add_table_batch}

    [D] 'function expr* netlink_alloc_data(const location*, const nft_data_delinearize*, nft_registers)' {netlink_alloc_data}

    [D] 'function expr* netlink_alloc_value(const location*, const nft_data_delinearize*)' {netlink_alloc_value}

    [D] 'function int netlink_batch_send(netlink_ctx*, list_head*)' {netlink_batch_send}

    [D] 'function void netlink_close_sock(mnl_socket*)' {netlink_close_sock}

    [D] 'function int netlink_del_rule_batch(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*)' {netlink_del_rule_batch}

    [D] 'function int netlink_delete_chain_batch(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*)' {netlink_delete_chain_batch}

    [D] 'function int netlink_delete_flowtable(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*)' {netlink_delete_flowtable}

    [D] 'function int netlink_delete_obj(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*, uint32_t)' {netlink_delete_obj}

    [D] 'function int netlink_delete_set_batch(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*)' {netlink_delete_set_batch}

    [D] 'function int netlink_delete_setelems_batch(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*)' {netlink_delete_setelems_batch}

    [D] 'function int netlink_delete_table_batch(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*)' {netlink_delete_table_batch}

    [D] 'function chain* netlink_delinearize_chain(netlink_ctx*, const nftnl_chain*)' {netlink_delinearize_chain}

    [D] 'function obj* netlink_delinearize_obj(netlink_ctx*, nftnl_obj*)' {netlink_delinearize_obj}

    [D] 'function rule* netlink_delinearize_rule(netlink_ctx*, nftnl_rule*)' {netlink_delinearize_rule}

    [D] 'function set* netlink_delinearize_set(netlink_ctx*, const nftnl_set*)' {netlink_delinearize_set}

    [D] 'function int netlink_delinearize_setelem(nftnl_set_elem*, const set*, nft_cache*)' {netlink_delinearize_setelem}

    [D] 'function table* netlink_delinearize_table(netlink_ctx*, const nftnl_table*)' {netlink_delinearize_table}

    [D] 'function void netlink_dump_chain(const nftnl_chain*, netlink_ctx*)' {netlink_dump_chain}

    [D] 'function void netlink_dump_expr(const nftnl_expr*, FILE*, unsigned int)' {netlink_dump_expr}

    [D] 'function void netlink_dump_obj(nftnl_obj*, netlink_ctx*)' {netlink_dump_obj}

    [D] 'function void netlink_dump_rule(const nftnl_rule*, netlink_ctx*)' {netlink_dump_rule}

    [D] 'function nftnl_ruleset* netlink_dump_ruleset(netlink_ctx*, const handle*, const location*)' {netlink_dump_ruleset}

    [D] 'function void netlink_dump_set(const nftnl_set*, netlink_ctx*)' {netlink_dump_set}

    [D] 'function int netlink_echo_callback(const nlmsghdr*, void*)' {netlink_echo_callback}

    [D] 'function int netlink_events_trace_cb(const nlmsghdr*, int, netlink_mon_handler*)' {netlink_events_trace_cb}

    [D] 'function int netlink_flush_chain(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*)' {netlink_flush_chain}

    [D] 'function int netlink_flush_setelems(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*)' {netlink_flush_setelems}

    [D] 'function void netlink_gen_data(const expr*, nft_data_linearize*)' {netlink_gen_data}

    [D] 'function void netlink_gen_raw_data(const __mpz_struct*, byteorder, unsigned int, nft_data_linearize*)' {netlink_gen_raw_data}

    [D] 'function uint16_t netlink_genid_get(netlink_ctx*)' {netlink_genid_get}

    [D] 'function int netlink_get_setelem(netlink_ctx*, const handle*, const location*, table*, set*, expr*)' {netlink_get_setelem}

    [D] 'function int netlink_io_error(netlink_ctx*, const location*, const char*, ...)' {netlink_io_error}

    [D] 'function void netlink_linearize_rule(netlink_ctx*, nftnl_rule*, const rule*)' {netlink_linearize_rule}

    [D] 'function int netlink_list_chains(netlink_ctx*, const handle*)' {netlink_list_chains}

    [D] 'function int netlink_list_flowtables(netlink_ctx*, const handle*)' {netlink_list_flowtables}

    [D] 'function int netlink_list_objs(netlink_ctx*, const handle*)' {netlink_list_objs}

    [D] 'function int netlink_list_setelems(netlink_ctx*, const handle*, set*)' {netlink_list_setelems}

    [D] 'function int netlink_list_sets(netlink_ctx*, const handle*)' {netlink_list_sets}

    [D] 'function int netlink_list_table(netlink_ctx*, const handle*)' {netlink_list_table}

    [D] 'function int netlink_list_tables(netlink_ctx*, const handle*)' {netlink_list_tables}

    [D] 'function int netlink_markup_parse_cb(const nftnl_parse_ctx*)' {netlink_markup_parse_cb}

    [D] 'function int netlink_monitor(netlink_mon_handler*, mnl_socket*)' {netlink_monitor}

    [D] 'function mnl_socket* netlink_open_sock()' {netlink_open_sock}

    [D] 'function stmt* netlink_parse_set_expr(const set*, const nft_cache*, const nftnl_expr*)' {netlink_parse_set_expr}

    [D] 'function int netlink_rename_chain_batch(netlink_ctx*, const handle*, const cmd*)' {netlink_rename_chain_batch}

    [D] 'function int netlink_replace_rule_batch(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*)' {netlink_replace_rule_batch}

    [D] 'function int netlink_reset_objs(netlink_ctx*, const cmd*, uint32_t, bool)' {netlink_reset_objs}

    [D] 'function void netlink_restart(mnl_socket*)' {netlink_restart}

    [D] 'function YY_BUFFER_STATE nft__create_buffer(FILE*, int, yyscan_t)' {nft__create_buffer}

    [D] 'function void nft__delete_buffer(YY_BUFFER_STATE, yyscan_t)' {nft__delete_buffer}

    [D] 'function void nft__flush_buffer(YY_BUFFER_STATE, yyscan_t)' {nft__flush_buffer}

    [D] 'function YY_BUFFER_STATE nft__scan_buffer(char*, yy_size_t, yyscan_t)' {nft__scan_buffer}

    [D] 'function YY_BUFFER_STATE nft__scan_bytes(const char*, int, yyscan_t)' {nft__scan_bytes}

    [D] 'function YY_BUFFER_STATE nft__scan_string(const char*, yyscan_t)' {nft__scan_string}

    [D] 'function void nft__switch_to_buffer(YY_BUFFER_STATE, yyscan_t)' {nft__switch_to_buffer}

    [D] 'function void* nft_alloc(yy_size_t, yyscan_t)' {nft_alloc}

    [D] 'function void nft_cmd_expand(cmd*)' {nft_cmd_expand}

    [D] 'function bool nft_ctx_output_get_echo(nft_ctx*)' {nft_ctx_output_get_echo}

    [D] 'function bool nft_ctx_output_get_handle(nft_ctx*)' {nft_ctx_output_get_handle}

    [D] 'function bool nft_ctx_output_get_ip2name(nft_ctx*)' {nft_ctx_output_get_ip2name}

    [D] 'function bool nft_ctx_output_get_json(nft_ctx*)' {nft_ctx_output_get_json}

    [D] 'function nft_numeric_level nft_ctx_output_get_numeric(nft_ctx*)' {nft_ctx_output_get_numeric}

    [D] 'function bool nft_ctx_output_get_stateless(nft_ctx*)' {nft_ctx_output_get_stateless}

    [D] 'function void nft_ctx_output_set_echo(nft_ctx*, bool)' {nft_ctx_output_set_echo}

    [D] 'function void nft_ctx_output_set_handle(nft_ctx*, bool)' {nft_ctx_output_set_handle}

    [D] 'function void nft_ctx_output_set_ip2name(nft_ctx*, bool)' {nft_ctx_output_set_ip2name}

    [D] 'function void nft_ctx_output_set_json(nft_ctx*, bool)' {nft_ctx_output_set_json}

    [D] 'function void nft_ctx_output_set_numeric(nft_ctx*, nft_numeric_level)' {nft_ctx_output_set_numeric}

    [D] 'function void nft_ctx_output_set_stateless(nft_ctx*, bool)' {nft_ctx_output_set_stateless}

    [D] 'function void nft_free(void*, yyscan_t)' {nft_free}

    [D] 'function int nft_get_column(yyscan_t)' {nft_get_column}

    [D] 'function int nft_get_debug(yyscan_t)' {nft_get_debug}

    [D] 'function void* nft_get_extra(yyscan_t)' {nft_get_extra}

    [D] 'function FILE* nft_get_in(yyscan_t)' {nft_get_in}

    [D] 'function int nft_get_leng(yyscan_t)' {nft_get_leng}

    [D] 'function int nft_get_lineno(yyscan_t)' {nft_get_lineno}

    [D] 'function location* nft_get_lloc(yyscan_t)' {nft_get_lloc}

    [D] 'function YYSTYPE* nft_get_lval(yyscan_t)' {nft_get_lval}

    [D] 'function FILE* nft_get_out(yyscan_t)' {nft_get_out}

    [D] 'function char* nft_get_text(yyscan_t)' {nft_get_text}

    [D] 'function int nft_gmp_print(output_ctx*, const char*, ...)' {nft_gmp_print}

    [D] 'function char* nft_if_indextoname(unsigned int, char*)' {nft_if_indextoname}

    [D] 'function unsigned int nft_if_nametoindex(const char*)' {nft_if_nametoindex}

    [D] 'function int nft_lex(YYSTYPE*, location*, yyscan_t)' {nft_lex}

    [D] 'function int nft_lex_destroy(yyscan_t)' {nft_lex_destroy}

    [D] 'function int nft_lex_init(yyscan_t*)' {nft_lex_init}

    [D] 'function int nft_lex_init_extra(void*, yyscan_t*)' {nft_lex_init_extra}

    [D] 'function int nft_parse(nft_ctx*, void*, parser_state*)' {nft_parse}

    [D] 'function void nft_pop_buffer_state(yyscan_t)' {nft_pop_buffer_state}

    [D] 'function int nft_print(output_ctx*, const char*, ...)' {nft_print}

    [D] 'function void nft_push_buffer_state(YY_BUFFER_STATE, yyscan_t)' {nft_push_buffer_state}

    [D] 'function void* nft_realloc(void*, yy_size_t, yyscan_t)' {nft_realloc}

    [D] 'function void nft_restart(FILE*, yyscan_t)' {nft_restart}

    [D] 'function void nft_set_column(int, yyscan_t)' {nft_set_column}

    [D] 'function void nft_set_debug(int, yyscan_t)' {nft_set_debug}

    [D] 'function void nft_set_extra(void*, yyscan_t)' {nft_set_extra}

    [D] 'function void nft_set_in(FILE*, yyscan_t)' {nft_set_in}

    [D] 'function void nft_set_lineno(int, yyscan_t)' {nft_set_lineno}

    [D] 'function void nft_set_lloc(location*, yyscan_t)' {nft_set_lloc}

    [D] 'function void nft_set_lval(YYSTYPE*, yyscan_t)' {nft_set_lval}

    [D] 'function void nft_set_out(FILE*, yyscan_t)' {nft_set_out}

    [D] 'function stmt* notrack_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {notrack_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* numgen_expr_alloc(const location*, nft_ng_types, uint32_t, uint32_t)' {numgen_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void obj_add_hash(obj*, table*)' {obj_add_hash}

    [D] 'function obj* obj_alloc(const location*)' {obj_alloc}

    [D] 'function void obj_free(obj*)' {obj_free}

    [D] 'function obj* obj_get(obj*)' {obj_get}

    [D] 'function obj* obj_lookup(const table*, const char*, uint32_t)' {obj_lookup}

    [D] 'function void obj_print(const obj*, output_ctx*)' {obj_print}

    [D] 'function void obj_print_plain(const obj*, output_ctx*)' {obj_print_plain}

    [D] 'function const char* obj_type_name(stmt_types)' {obj_type_name}

    [D] 'function uint32_t obj_type_to_cmd(uint32_t)' {obj_type_to_cmd}

    [D] 'function stmt* objref_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {objref_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function const char* objref_type_name(uint32_t)' {objref_type_name}

    [D] 'function void parser_init(nft_ctx*, parser_state*, list_head*, list_head*)' {parser_init}

    [D] 'function bool payload_can_merge(const expr*, const expr*)' {payload_can_merge}

    [D] 'function bool payload_dependency_exists(const payload_dep_ctx*, proto_bases)' {payload_dependency_exists}

    [D] 'function void payload_dependency_kill(payload_dep_ctx*, expr*, unsigned int)' {payload_dependency_kill}

    [D] 'function void payload_dependency_release(payload_dep_ctx*)' {payload_dependency_release}

    [D] 'function void payload_dependency_reset(payload_dep_ctx*)' {payload_dependency_reset}

    [D] 'function void payload_dependency_store(payload_dep_ctx*, stmt*, proto_bases)' {payload_dependency_store}

    [D] 'function expr* payload_expr_alloc(const location*, const proto_desc*, unsigned int)' {payload_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void payload_expr_complete(expr*, const proto_ctx*)' {payload_expr_complete}

    [D] 'function void payload_expr_expand(list_head*, expr*, const proto_ctx*)' {payload_expr_expand}

    [D] 'function expr* payload_expr_join(const expr*, const expr*)' {payload_expr_join}

    [D] 'function bool payload_expr_trim(expr*, expr*, const proto_ctx*, unsigned int*)' {payload_expr_trim}

    [D] 'function int payload_gen_dependency(eval_ctx*, const expr*, stmt**)' {payload_gen_dependency}

    [D] 'function unsigned int payload_hdr_field(const expr*)' {payload_hdr_field}

    [D] 'function void payload_init_raw(expr*, proto_bases, unsigned int, unsigned int)' {payload_init_raw}

    [D] 'function bool payload_is_known(const expr*)' {payload_is_known}

    [D] 'function bool payload_is_stacked(const proto_desc*, const expr*)' {payload_is_stacked}

    [D] 'function stmt* payload_stmt_alloc(const location*, expr*, expr*)' {payload_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* prefix_expr_alloc(const location*, expr*, unsigned int)' {prefix_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void proto_ctx_init(proto_ctx*, unsigned int, unsigned int)' {proto_ctx_init}

    [D] 'function void proto_ctx_update(proto_ctx*, proto_bases, const location*, const proto_desc*)' {proto_ctx_update}

    [D] 'function const proto_desc* proto_dev_desc(uint16_t)' {proto_dev_desc}

    [D] 'function int proto_dev_type(const proto_desc*, uint16_t*)' {proto_dev_type}

    [D] 'function int proto_find_num(const proto_desc*, const proto_desc*)' {proto_find_num}

    [D] 'function const proto_desc* proto_find_upper(const proto_desc*, unsigned int)' {proto_find_upper}

    [D] 'function stmt* queue_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {queue_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function stmt* quota_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {quota_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* range_expr_alloc(const location*, expr*, expr*)' {range_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void range_expr_value_high(__mpz_struct*, const expr*)' {range_expr_value_high}

    [D] 'function void range_expr_value_low(__mpz_struct*, const expr*)' {range_expr_value_low}

    [D] 'function error_record* rate_parse(const location*, const char*, uint64_t*, uint64_t*)' {rate_parse}

    [D] 'function void rb_erase(rb_node*, rb_root*)' {rb_erase}

    [D] 'function rb_node* rb_first(rb_root*)' {rb_first}

    [D] 'function void rb_insert_color(rb_node*, rb_root*)' {rb_insert_color}

    [D] 'function rb_node* rb_last(rb_root*)' {rb_last}

    [D] 'function rb_node* rb_next(rb_node*)' {rb_next}

    [D] 'function rb_node* rb_prev(rb_node*)' {rb_prev}

    [D] 'function void rb_replace_node(rb_node*, rb_node*, rb_root*)' {rb_replace_node}

    [D] 'function void realm_table_meta_exit()' {realm_table_meta_exit}

    [D] 'function void realm_table_meta_init()' {realm_table_meta_init}

    [D] 'function void realm_table_rt_exit()' {realm_table_rt_exit}

    [D] 'function void realm_table_rt_init()' {realm_table_rt_init}

    [D] 'function stmt* reject_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {reject_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* relational_expr_alloc(const location*, ops, expr*, expr*)' {relational_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void relational_expr_pctx_update(proto_ctx*, const expr*)' {relational_expr_pctx_update}

    [D] 'function expr* rt_expr_alloc(const location*, nft_rt_keys, bool)' {rt_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void rt_expr_update_type(proto_ctx*, expr*)' {rt_expr_update_type}

    [D] 'function void rt_symbol_table_free(symbol_table*)' {rt_symbol_table_free}

    [D] 'function symbol_table* rt_symbol_table_init(const char*)' {rt_symbol_table_init}

    [D] 'function rule* rule_alloc(const location*, const handle*)' {rule_alloc}

    [D] 'function void rule_free(rule*)' {rule_free}

    [D] 'function rule* rule_get(rule*)' {rule_get}

    [D] 'function rule* rule_lookup(const chain*, uint64_t)' {rule_lookup}

    [D] 'function error_record* rule_postprocess(rule*)' {rule_postprocess}

    [D] 'function void rule_print(const rule*, output_ctx*)' {rule_print}

    [D] 'function void scanner_destroy(void*)' {scanner_destroy}

    [D] 'function int scanner_include_file(nft_ctx*, void*, const char*, const location*)' {scanner_include_file}

    [D] 'function void* scanner_init(parser_state*)' {scanner_init}

    [D] 'function void scanner_push_buffer(void*, const input_descriptor*, const char*)' {scanner_push_buffer}

    [D] 'function int scanner_read_file(void*, const char*, const location*)' {scanner_read_file}

    [D] 'function scope* scope_init(scope*, const scope*)' {scope_init}

    [D] 'function void scope_release(const scope*)' {scope_release}

    [D] 'function void set_add_hash(set*, table*)' {set_add_hash}

    [D] 'function set* set_alloc(const location*)' {set_alloc}

    [D] 'function set* set_clone(const set*)' {set_clone}

    [D] 'function const datatype* set_datatype_alloc(const datatype*, unsigned int)' {set_datatype_alloc}

    [D] 'function void set_datatype_destroy(const datatype*)' {set_datatype_destroy}

    [D] 'function expr* set_elem_expr_alloc(const location*, expr*)' {set_elem_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* set_expr_alloc(const location*, const set*)' {set_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function void set_free(set*)' {set_free}

    [D] 'function set* set_get(set*)' {set_get}

    [D] 'function set* set_lookup(const table*, const char*)' {set_lookup}

    [D] 'function set* set_lookup_global(uint32_t, const char*, const char*, nft_cache*)' {set_lookup_global}

    [D] 'function const char* set_policy2str(uint32_t)' {set_policy2str}

    [D] 'function void set_print(const set*, output_ctx*)' {set_print}

    [D] 'function void set_print_plain(const set*, output_ctx*)' {set_print_plain}

    [D] 'function expr* set_ref_expr_alloc(const location*, set*)' {set_ref_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function stmt* set_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {set_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function int set_to_intervals(list_head*, set*, expr*, bool, unsigned int, bool)' {set_to_intervals}

    [D] 'function expr* socket_expr_alloc(const location*, nft_socket_keys)' {socket_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function stmt* stmt_alloc(const location*, const stmt_ops*)' {stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function int stmt_evaluate(eval_ctx*, stmt*)' {stmt_evaluate}

    [D] 'function void stmt_free(stmt*)' {stmt_free}

    [D] 'function void stmt_list_free(list_head*)' {stmt_list_free}

    [D] 'function void stmt_print(const stmt*, output_ctx*)' {stmt_print}

    [D] 'function void symbol_bind(scope*, const char*, expr*)' {symbol_bind}

    [D] 'function expr* symbol_expr_alloc(const location*, symbol_types, scope*, const char*)' {symbol_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function symbol* symbol_get(const scope*, const char*)' {symbol_get}

    [D] 'function symbol* symbol_lookup(const scope*, const char*)' {symbol_lookup}

    [D] 'function error_record* symbol_parse(const expr*, expr**)' {symbol_parse}

    [D] 'function void symbol_table_print(const symbol_table*, const datatype*, byteorder, output_ctx*)' {symbol_table_print}

    [D] 'function int symbol_unbind(const scope*, const char*)' {symbol_unbind}

    [D] 'function error_record* symbolic_constant_parse(const expr*, const symbol_table*, expr**)' {symbolic_constant_parse}

    [D] 'function void symbolic_constant_print(const symbol_table*, const expr*, bool, output_ctx*)' {symbolic_constant_print}

    [D] 'function void table_add_hash(table*, nft_cache*)' {table_add_hash}

    [D] 'function table* table_alloc()' {table_alloc}

    [D] 'function void table_free(table*)' {table_free}

    [D] 'function table* table_get(table*)' {table_get}

    [D] 'function table* table_lookup(const handle*, const nft_cache*)' {table_lookup}

    [D] 'function expr* tcpopt_expr_alloc(const location*, uint8_t, uint8_t)' {tcpopt_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function bool tcpopt_find_template(expr*, const expr*, unsigned int*)' {tcpopt_find_template}

    [D] 'function void tcpopt_init_raw(expr*, uint8_t, unsigned int, unsigned int, uint32_t)' {tcpopt_init_raw}

    [D] 'function error_record* time_parse(const location*, const char*, uint64_t*)' {time_parse}

    [D] 'function void time_print(uint64_t, output_ctx*)' {time_print}

    [D] 'function expr* unary_expr_alloc(const location*, ops, expr*)' {unary_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* variable_expr_alloc(const location*, scope*, symbol*)' {variable_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function expr* verdict_expr_alloc(const location*, int, const char*)' {verdict_expr_alloc}

    [D] 'function stmt* verdict_stmt_alloc(const location*, expr*)' {verdict_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function void xfree(void*)' {xfree}

    [D] 'function void* xmalloc(size_t)' {xmalloc}

    [D] 'function void* xmalloc_array(size_t, size_t)' {xmalloc_array}

    [D] 'function void* xrealloc(void*, size_t)' {xrealloc}

    [D] 'function char* xstrdup(const char*)' {xstrdup}

    [D] 'function void xstrunescape(const char*, char*)' {xstrunescape}

    [D] 'function stmt* xt_stmt_alloc(const location*)' {xt_stmt_alloc}

    [D] 'function void* xzalloc(size_t)' {xzalloc}

    2 Added functions:

    [A] 'function unsigned int nft_ctx_output_get_flags(nft_ctx*)' {nft_ctx_output_get_flags}

    [A] 'function void nft_ctx_output_set_flags(nft_ctx*, unsigned int)' {nft_ctx_output_set_flags}

    2 functions with some indirect sub-type change:

    [C]'function int nft_ctx_add_include_path(nft_ctx*, const char*)' at libnftables.c:102:1 has some indirect sub-type changes:

    parameter 1 of type 'nft_ctx*' has sub-type changes:
      in pointed to type 'struct nft_ctx' at nftables.h:111:1:
        type size changed from 1600 to 1856 (in bits)
        2 data member insertions:
          'scope* nft_ctx::top_scope', at offset 1728 (in bits) at nftables.h:123:1
          'void* nft_ctx::json_root', at offset 1792 (in bits) at nftables.h:124:1
        6 data member changes:
         type of 'output_ctx nft_ctx::output' changed:
           type size changed from 832 to 960 (in bits)
           5 data member deletions:
             'unsigned int output_ctx::stateless', at offset 32 (in bits) at nftables.h:20:1
             'unsigned int output_ctx::ip2name', at offset 64 (in bits) at nftables.h:21:1
             'unsigned int output_ctx::handle', at offset 96 (in bits) at nftables.h:22:1
             'unsigned int output_ctx::echo', at offset 128 (in bits) at nftables.h:23:1
             'unsigned int output_ctx::json', at offset 160 (in bits) at nftables.h:24:1
           1 data member insertion:
             'symbol_tables output_ctx::tbl', at offset 704 (in bits) at nftables.h:35:1
           1 data member change:
            offset changed from 192 to 64 (in bits) (by -128 bits)
           no data member change (1 filtered);
         'bool nft_ctx::check' offset changed from 1088 to 1216 (in bits) (by +128 bits)
         type of 'nft_cache nft_ctx::cache' changed:
           type size hasn't changed
           1 data member insertion:
             'uint32_t nft_cache::flags', at offset 224 (in bits) at nftables.h:102:1
           1 data member change:
            type of 'uint16_t nft_cache::genid' changed:
              typedef name changed from uint16_t to uint32_t at stdint-uintn.h:26:1
              underlying type 'typedef __uint16_t' at types.h:39:1 changed:
                typedef name changed from __uint16_t to __uint32_t at types.h:41:1
                underlying type 'unsigned short int' changed:
                  type name changed from 'unsigned short int' to 'unsigned int'
                  type size changed from 16 to 32 (in bits)
         and offset changed from 1152 to 1280 (in bits) (by +128 bits)
         'uint32_t nft_ctx::flags' offset changed from 1408 to 1536 (in bits) (by +128 bits)
         type of 'parser_state* nft_ctx::state' changed:
           in pointed to type 'struct parser_state' at parser.h:16:1:
             type size changed from 14720 to 640 (in bits)
             3 data member deletions:
               'unsigned int parser_state::indesc_idx', at offset 11328 (in bits) at parser.h:19:1
               'scope parser_state::top_scope', at offset 11520 (in bits) at parser.h:24:1
               'eval_ctx parser_state::ectx', at offset 12032 (in bits) at parser.h:29:1
             6 data member changes:
              type of 'input_descriptor* parser_state::indesc' changed:
                in pointed to type 'struct input_descriptor' at nftables.h:188:1:
                  type size changed from 704 to 960 (in bits)
                  3 data member insertions:
                    'list_head input_descriptor::list', at offset 0 (in bits) at nftables.h:189:1
                    'FILE* input_descriptor::f', at offset 128 (in bits) at nftables.h:190:1
                    'unsigned int input_descriptor::depth', at offset 192 (in bits) at nftables.h:191:1
                  8 data member changes:
                   'location input_descriptor::location' offset changed from 0 to 256 (in bits) (by +256 bits)
                   'input_descriptor_types input_descriptor::type' offset changed from 320 to 576 (in bits) (by +256 bits)
                   'const char* input_descriptor::name' offset changed from 384 to 640 (in bits) (by +256 bits)
                   'const char* input_descriptor::data' offset changed from 448 to 704 (in bits) (by +256 bits)
                   'unsigned int input_descriptor::lineno' offset changed from 512 to 768 (in bits) (by +256 bits)
                   'unsigned int input_descriptor::column' offset changed from 544 to 800 (in bits) (by +256 bits)
                   'off_t input_descriptor::token_offset' offset changed from 576 to 832 (in bits) (by +256 bits)
                   'off_t input_descriptor::line_offset' offset changed from 640 to 896 (in bits) (by +256 bits)
              'list_head* parser_state::msgs' offset changed from 11392 to 192 (in bits) (by -11200 bits)
              'unsigned int parser_state::nerrs' offset changed from 11456 to 256 (in bits) (by -11200 bits)
              'scope* parser_state::scopes[3]' offset changed from 11712 to 320 (in bits) (by -11392 bits)
              'unsigned int parser_state::scope' offset changed from 11904 to 512 (in bits) (by -11392 bits)
              'list_head* parser_state::cmds' offset changed from 11968 to 576 (in bits) (by -11392 bits)
             1 data member change:
              type of 'input_descriptor parser_state::indescs[16]' changed:
                entity changed from 'input_descriptor[16]' to 'struct list_head' at list.h:21:1
                type size changed from 11264 to 128 (in bits)
              and name of 'parser_state::indescs' changed to 'parser_state::indesc_list' at parser.h:18:1
         and offset changed from 1472 to 1600 (in bits) (by +128 bits)
         'void* nft_ctx::scanner' offset changed from 1536 to 1664 (in bits) (by +128 bits)

    [C]'function int nft_run_cmd_from_buffer(nft_ctx*, char*, size_t)' at libnftables.c:433:1 has some indirect sub-type changes:

    parameter 3 of type 'typedef size_t' was removed

    2 Removed function symbols not referenced by debug info:



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