Long-Term Supported Versions

    Key Features

    • iSula: A lightweight container solution that unifies IoT, edge, and cloud computing.

      • Anonymous volumes can be configured in the image, and local volumes can be easily managed by users.
      • The isula-build allows you to pull and push images and save multiple images to a tarball.
    • A-Tune: An intelligent system performance optimization engine that infers service features and configures the optimal system parameter set for the best service operations. The following functions are added:

      • Incremental tuning
      • Sensitive parameter identification, filtering, and tuning
      • Tuning capabilities for VM scenarios
      • One-click model training
    • Multiple JDK versions are supported to meet different requirements on compatibility, performance, and functions.

      • The operating system supports multiple JDK versions, allowing users to deploy Java applications of multiple versions. The versions and functions supported are as follows:
      • Java 11. For details, see JDK 11.
      • TLS 1.3 for a more secure protocol
      • Java Flight Recorder, an efficient Java application diagnosis tool with low performance loss
      • Experimental ZGC algorithm with low latency
      • The latest Short Term Support (STS) version is supported, which is JDK 15 currently. For details, see JDK 15.
      • Pattern Matching for instanceof (Second Preview)
      • Production-ready ZGC
      • Production-ready Shenandoah GC
      • Foreign-Memory Access API (Second Incubator)
      • Records (Second Preview)
    • Kernel feature enhancement

      • Huawei 1822 HBA card driver
      • NVDIMMs for higher performance in service scenarios such as big data
      • FT-2000+/64 of Phytium processors for general-purpose computing
      • The iSCSI work thread can be bound to cores based on NUMA-aware affinity to improve I/O performance.
      • The percpu lock-free function of the file cache is optimized to reduce the atomic overhead and improve the performance of concurrent file access and Nginx scenarios.
    • Virtualization feature enhancement

      • ARM virtualization supports CPU/memory hot plug, making resource configuration more flexible.
      • The KVM CPU can be set to the custom mode (ARM) to customize configurations of the CPU feature on the VM.
      • The O&M tool VMTOP is used to quickly collect VM performance indicators, such as exit/entry.
      • Secure boot is supported to improve VM security.
    • Desktop support

      • Default UKUI desktop environment on Kylin OS
      • DDE (Uniontech-developed desktop system)
    • High reliability

      • HA cluster software comprising Pacemaker and Corosync
    • Hardware enablement

      • Raspberry Pi serial boards

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