Known Issues

Issue Description
I26ZLO After the installation is successful, click Reboot, and the system occasionally stops responding during the reboot. The information is insufficient for locating faults. This issue occurs only once in the test period of nearly a month. You are advised to configure the dongle to ensure reliability.
I29P84 This issue occurs only during the installation. After the installation is complete, the issue does not affect the system. During the GUI-based installation, a user selects a drive for installation, and then click Cancel to select a new drive for customized partitioning. As a result, the Anaconda cannot identify the drive information and the installation fails. To solve this issue, select the drive to be installed.
I29TET LibRaw is a library for reading RAW files. When abnormal data is injected into dcraw_process, integer overflow occurs. The openEuler community already has corresponding issues but does not fix injection issues. The subjective judgment will affect the execution efficiency. Keep tracking the issue resolution in the community.
I28N07 Running the blockdev command to set the read-only mode does not take effect. This issue exists in all versions of the community. The community is discussing the solution. This issue has no adverse impact on other functions.
I27TNT The fuzz fault injection testing is not performed. A memory leak error is reported on the fa_minus() interface. According to preliminary analysis, this interface is an internal interface. Augeas is used to edit configuration files. It is mostly used at a time, and rarely runs in the background.
I28XL7 After the x86/ARM-based physical machine is successfully installed, an i40iw error is reported on the dmesg. The error does not affect the basic functions of the NIC.

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