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      Syntax: docker events [options]

      Function: Obtains real-time events from the docker daemon.

      Parameter description:

      --since="": Displays events generated after the specified timestamp.

      --until="": Displays events generated before the specified timestamp.


      After the docker events command is executed, a container is created and started by running the docker run command. create and start events are output.

      $ sudo docker events
      2019-08-28T16:23:09.338838795+08:00 container create 53450588a20800d8231aa1dc4439a734e16955387efb5f259c47737dba9e2b5e (image=busybox:latest, name=eager_wu)
      2019-08-28T16:23:09.339909205+08:00 container attach 53450588a20800d8231aa1dc4439a734e16955387efb5f259c47737dba9e2b5e (image=busybox:latest, name=eager_wu)
      2019-08-28T16:23:09.397717518+08:00 network connect e2e20f52662f1ee2b01545da3b02e5ec7ff9c85adf688dce89a9eb73661dedaa (container=53450588a20800d8231aa1dc4439a734e16955387efb5f259c47737dba9e2b5e, name=bridge, type=bridge)
      2019-08-28T16:23:09.922224724+08:00 container start 53450588a20800d8231aa1dc4439a734e16955387efb5f259c47737dba9e2b5e (image=busybox:latest, name=eager_wu)
      2019-08-28T16:23:09.924121158+08:00 container resize 53450588a20800d8231aa1dc4439a734e16955387efb5f259c47737dba9e2b5e (height=48, image=busybox:latest, name=eager_wu, width=210)



      Syntax: docker info

      Function: Displays the Docker system information, including the number of containers, number of images, image storage driver, container execution driver, kernel version, and host OS version.

      Parameter description: none.


      $ sudo docker info
      Containers: 4
       Running: 3
       Paused: 0
       Stopped: 1
      Images: 45
      Server Version: 18.09.0
      Storage Driver: devicemapper
       Pool Name: docker-thinpool
       Pool Blocksize: 524.3kB
       Base Device Size: 10.74GB
       Backing Filesystem: ext4
       Udev Sync Supported: true
       Data Space Used: 11GB
       Data Space Total: 51GB
       Data Space Available: 39.99GB
       Metadata Space Used: 5.083MB
       Metadata Space Total: 532.7MB
       Metadata Space Available: 527.6MB
       Thin Pool Minimum Free Space: 5.1GB
       Deferred Removal Enabled: true
       Deferred Deletion Enabled: true
       Deferred Deleted Device Count: 0



      Syntax: docker version

      Function: Displays the Docker version information, including the client version, server version, Go version, and OS and Arch information.

      Parameter description: none.


      $ sudo docker version
       Version:           18.09.0
       API version:       1.39
       Go version:        go1.11
       Git commit:        cbf6283
       Built:             Mon Apr  1 00:00:00 2019
       OS/Arch:           linux/arm64
       Experimental:      false
        Version:          18.09.0
        API version:      1.39 (minimum version 1.12)
        Go version:       go1.11
        Git commit:       cbf6283
        Built:            Mon Apr  1 00:00:00 2019
        OS/Arch:          linux/arm64
        Experimental:     false


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