Innovation Version

      Resolved Issues

      For details about the resolved issues, see Table 1.

      Table 1 Resolved issues

      I3QD69[SP2] The rsyslog service fails to be started.
      I3QV3H"Error: GPG check FAILED" is displayed when a package is installed in SP2 Yum.
      I3QU13[openEuler 20.03 LTS SP2] The released dvd.iso does not contain StratoVirt and features.
      I3QUDM[SP2] Docker Engine of LTS conflicts with the Docker Proxy of SP2 after Docker Engine of SP2 is downgraded to LTS.
      I3QS0T[SP2] Nginx conflicts with nginx-help and mailcap during the upgrade from LTS to SP2.
      I3R7HH[LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] is missing and the client fails to log in to the FTP server when a virtual user connects to the FTP server to perform upload and download operations.
      I3QRRK[LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] The client fails to access the Memcached after the Memcached + SASL authentication is added.
      I3QRUC[SP2] [ARM/x86] The postfix does not support the hash dictionary type. As a result, Python fails to send emails.
      I3R643[20.03-LTS-SP2] After the lxcfs service is started on an x86/ARM-based server and the lxcfs and lxcfs-tools packages are uninstalled and installed, an error is reported during the installation.
      I3QMSN[20.03-LTS-SP2] When running doxygen -w rtf rtf-mode to generate the rtf-mode file, the return value is 1.
      I3QQT2[20.03-LTS-SP2][x86/ARM] The sendmail and sm-client services fail to be started because the virtusertable.db file is missing after the sendmail is installed.
      I3QR3P[LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] When a command is executed in the SOS package, the system displays a message indicating that no valid plugins were enabled.
      I3R83P[LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] An error is reported when the pcp-pidstat command in the pcp-system-tools package is executed.
      I3R81I[LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] A syntax error is reported on the pcp-iostat command in the pcp-system-tools package.
      I3QUHN[SP2] The dnf info command output shows that the source package of docker-proxy is Docker Proxy.
      I3RLZ3[fuzz] libraw_cr2_fuzzer uses undefined variables.
      I3QTKC[SP2] The security-tool checks the cron package when checking whether the crontab package is installed.
      I3RHNK[fuzz] An error is reported when clamav_scanmap_PE_fuzzer is executed.
      I3RHNU[fuzz] An error is reported when libclamav/../libclammspack/mspack/cabd.c is executed.
      I3RHOT[fuzz] An error is reported when libclamav/upx.c is executed.
      I3QS1P[SP2] An error occurs when the default configuration is checked by firewall-cmd --check-config.
      I3RHU5[fuzz] Heap overflow occurs.
      I3QU6PAn error is reported by aide init.
      I3QS8N[20.03-LTS-SP2][x86/ARM] When the Nginx is started, the log contains "Failed to parse PID from file /run/".
      I3QS1D[20.03-LTS-SP2][x86/ARM] An error log is generated when the iscsid service is started.
      I3R9NF[20.03-LTS-SP2] The message log of the x86 server occasionally contains the error "crashkernel reservation failed".
      I3QOOK[SP2] A message is displayed indicating that the package cannot be found during group installation.
      I3QQMC[SP2] An error occurs during i40e installation.
      I3QQNY[SP2] An error occurs during iavf installation.
      I3RCRR[SP2] Fail to use rpmbuild to compile locally.
      I3QXKL[20.03-LTS-SP2][x86/ARM] After the rdisc is restarted or started, the rdisc status changes to "failed".
      I399PO[fuzz] ABRT on unknown address 0x00000000000d.
      I3R1EQ[20.03-LTS-SP2][x86/ARM] The javapackages-tools is not installed when installing the derby. As a result, the derby fails to be started.
      I3QOK8[20.03-LTS-SP2][ARM] The irqbalance service reports error "Can't open PID file /run/".
      I3QGUB[20.03-LTS-SP2][x86/ARM] systemctl enable isnsd fails to enable unit.
      I3RVM7The abrt-cli command is missing.
      I3QN3L[SP2] [ARM/x86] The radsqlrelay parameter -x is invalid.
      I3SW4M[20.03-LTS-SP2] When installing the daily build versions 2021-05-24 on ARM/x86, the login page cannot be displayed after reboot.
      I3SAR7[SP2] Some packages of SP2 are earlier than those of SP1.
      I3RPU3Core dump occurs when rpm is upgraded before rpm-libs from SP1.
      I3RS4XWhen the RPM is upgraded from 4.15.1-23 to 4.15.1-24, the software package does not have a signature when the yum install command is used.
      I3T70D[20.03-LTS-SP2] An error is reported when the obsworker, obsscheduler, and obs_productconvert commands in the obs-server package are executed.
      I3S4GT[20.03-LTS-SP2] After the long-term stability test case is executed on the ARM physical machine, the memory allocation is insufficient and no command can be executed. After the long-term stability test case is executed after the reboot, a core file is generated.
      I3T8FY[SP2] GlusterFS fails to synchronize data using Geo-replication.
      I3S3QH[SP2] The acpi_cpufreq driver fails to be loaded to the x86 physical machine, but no error is reported.
      I3SUIH[SP2] After Flink is started, the web UI of Flink cannot be used.
      I3SUXB[SP2] Fail to use rpmbuild to compile locally.
      I3SQQY[SP2] Fail to use rpmbuild to compile locally.
      I3SSY4[SP2] Fail to use rpmbuild to compile locally.
      I3SY5QIn the trustzone architecture, a segment error is reported after being destroyed.
      I3SMWMIn the trustzone architecture, encryption and decryption are interrupted and a segment error occurs.
      I3SBMJ[20.03-LTS-SP2][x86/ARM] When the size of an LVM Thin Provisioning customized partition exceeds the drive size, the page keeps being loaded and cannot be operated.
      I3STJ2In the trustzone architecture, the same error is reported when the -c or -m parameter is missing. Rectification is recommended.
      I2E7OB[20.03 LTS SP2] abrt cannot query crash records.
      I3U2X9[20.03-LTS-SP2] When fakeroot is downgraded from 1.25. 2-1 of SP2 to 1.23-2, the fakeroot of the earlier version conflicts with the fakeroot-libs of SP2.
      I3UPWH[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] Fail to start the drbd.service.
      I3TTIL[21.03-SP2] etcd fails to be started on an ARM server.
      I3UOTO[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] Fail to start the kubelet.service and kube-apiserver.service.
      I3UPTK[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] The pacemaker.service and crm_mon.service fail to be started.
      I3UPWR[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] Fail to start the etcd.service.
      I3UPUC[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] The kylin-display-switch.service fails to be started because the dependency python3-evdev is missing.
      I3UPUZ[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] The bthelper@.service and hciuart.service fail to be started.
      I3U6XH[2.03 SP2 RC3] ARM physical machine reports the kernel error "The BMC does not support, but the BMC needs to be fixed".
      I3UOL6[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] The deepin-anything-monitor.service freezes.
      I3UOMB[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] Fail to start the driver-installer.service.
      I3U78H[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] The command for setting the global variable of automatic uninstallation upon timeout is successfully executed, but the automatic uninstallation upon timeout does not take effect.
      I3UO6K[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] Fail to start the xfce4-notifyd.service.
      I3UNRU[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] Fail to start the thunar.service.
      I3UNT4[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] Fail to start the bamfdaemon.service.
      I3UO4C[20.03-LTS-SP2] [ARM/x86] Fail to start the redshift.service and redshift-gtk.service.
      I3UEJK[SP2] openoffice-lv does not exist in the SP2 version.
      I3TO1S[SP2] When a minimum installation is performed on ARM/x86 and the SELinux is enabled, audit logs are displayed on the screen during login.
      I3TKE8[SP2] When a minimum installation is performed on ARM/x86 and the SELinux is enabled, message "AVC avc:denied{getattr } for pid=15247 comm="login"" is displayed during login.
      I3TGPY[SP2] The SELinux is disabled by default. No documentation is available for enabling the SELinux.
      I3UEYP[20.03-LTS-SP2][x86/ARM] When the hsqldb service is started, the error message "Could not find or load main class" is displayed.
      I3UF35[20.03-SP2] [ARM/x86] Fail to start Hive.
      I3UF4T[20.03-SP2] [ARM/x86] An error indicating that environment variables are invalid is reported when the Hive or HBase shell is started.
      I3TS70[SP2] No dependency is available for installing the atril-thumbnailer.
      I3TTJ3[SP2] No dependency is available for installing the atril-thumbnailer.
      I3TTM2[SP2] No dependency is available for installing the deepin-desktop-server.
      I3TUDM[SP2] No dependency is available for installing the kwin-wayland.
      I3UEGF[20.03-LTS-SP2][x86/ARM] The status of lsyncd is "failed" after the being stopped.
      I3U9CRWhen the type and flag of the cc_enclave_create API are incorrect, the error type is incorrect.
      I3U2BEIn the trustzone architecture, a segment error is reported when multiple processes load different paths.
      I3UWJ5[20.03-LTS-SP2] In the x86 and ARM architectures, the python-dns package fails to be compiled locally using the rpmbuild.
      I3UWN8[20.03-LTS-SP2] In the x86 and ARM architectures, the rdate package fails to be compiled locally using rpmbuild.
      I3UWDP[20.03-LTS-SP2] In the x86 architecture, the libcacard package fails to be compiled locally using rpmbuild.
      I3UNJE[SP2] When SELinux is enabled, many "SELinux is preventing" blocking messages are reported.
      I3UPRP[SP2] The /boot and /boot/efi partitions cannot be manually added to the customized partition of the RAID drive.
      I3UTTB[SP2] "Error in POSTUN scriptlet in rpm package sssd" is reported when the sssd is uninstalled.
      I3UR78[rasdaemon] When fault isolation detection period is set to H/M/S, the parameter value is not verified.
      I3UYZNIn the x86 version, after the haltpoll capability is enabled on a VM using an XML file, the Redis performance becomes poorer.
      I3VZZKOpenStack Queens does not contain the python2 mod-wsgi RPM package.
      I3VW5GCircular reference occurs in evenlet 0.23.0.
      I3VW4GQEMU 4.1 does not work on OpenStack Q/R.
      I3VFYD[20.03-LTS-SP2] The hyphen package fails to be compiled locally using rpmbuild in the x86 architecture.
      I3VMFH[SP2] The gradle-local command in the x86 javapackages-tools binary package fails to be executed.
      I3W01VAn error occurs when Horizon is installed in openEuler 20.03.
      I3W009openEuler20.03 fails to install Cinder of OpenStack Rocky.
      I3VZCZThe osprofiler that OpenStack Horizon of the Rocky version depends is of an early version.
      I3VYN4The permission on the Cinder configuration file is incorrect, and a db sync error is reported.
      I3VW1LThe path of the openstack-dashborad configuration file of the Queens version is incorrect.
      I3W000Kolla depends on the python-docker service.
      I3VZENServices cannot be started because the owner group permission of the glance file is incorrect.
      I3VY8GPython-ryu ImportError: No module named pip.
      I3VW74Crypto conflicts with PyCryptodome.
      I3VW3GThe structure and naming of the openstack-neutron RPM package of the Queens version do not meet the OpenStack SIG requirements.
      I3VQKV[20.03-LTS-SP2][x86/ARM] The startup of the hsqldb service depends on the javapackages-tools package.
      I3V71K[SP2] [ARM/x86] Four Storm-related services fail to be stopped.
      I3VTAXThe Clevis function is abnormal.
      I3VSR5[20.03-LTS-SP2] In the virtualization document, the description about Open vSwitch is incorrect.

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