Resolved Issues

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Applications and basic services

I1TPY4x86/arm mariadb-server installation fails.
I1TOV5lm_sensors cannot be started by default, and systemd is in the degraded state.
I1TOCEThe kdump on an x86- or ARM-based physical machine fails to be started.
I1TZH1The rule does not take effect when the destination port is 80 and the data packages from the source IP address of a host are added to the x86-based server.
I1T4O3During x86 PXE installation, the %packages file in the .ks file is used to install minimal, @core, and @base. After the installation is successful, the startup is suspended.
I1T8JJThe installation of the ARM-based freeRADIUS server fails.

Programming languages and compilers

I1RUM6Track the community to resolve the issue that the type of the file generated after the compilation of gcc -static-pie is incorrect.

Virtualization and containers

I1TB7NPMU nmi watchdog does not support CPU hot-plug.


I1JZHTThe Netdevsim is repeatedly loaded and uninstalled, causing the system to reset.
I1RUC8The performance loss of vmalloc on x86-based servers is huge.
I1R86GopenEuler An error of pread is reported when openEuler performs a test on the open GaussDB, causing the return to -EIO.
I1SISMThe XFS drive with size=8192 cannot be mounted to the openEuler on the x86 platform.

Hardware and chips

I1SY0KThe Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi is unavailable and the connection to the Wi-Fi network fails.
I1R4G1The connection to the Raspberry Pi BT fails repeatedly.

File system

I1E0KNA core dump occurs when a user creates and deletes folders concurrently in the XFS file system and uses the find command to query the folders.
I1MA88The libguestfs uses the Gnulib code that has a vulnerability, causing a core dump.
I1T3GCThe memory allocation is reported to fail when the mounted drive letter is checked at the NFS client.


I1TO3RAn error occurs when the network-manager-appletda is invoked during installation and ipv4 is manually configured.
I1TYDGThe NetworkManager service cannot not be self-healed due to the D-Bus service exception.
I1AD7NThe IP address is lost when the network is restarted because the return value of the grep -L command in the network-scripts file is changed.

System tools

I1U7RLAn error occurs during system-config-printer installation.
I1T8H4After the x86/ARM-based device is installed by default, the systemctl -all –failed command is executed and the tuned service fails to be started.

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