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      Resolved Issues

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      For details about the resolved issues, see Table 1.

      Table 1 Resolved issues

      I385CW[21.03] An Error Is Reported During the Installation of mod_fcgid, Indicating that Warnings and Failures Exist
      I38NM0A Segment Error Occurs When the Same Enclave Is Destroyed Twice
      I38NO8No Error Message Is Displayed When the Same Enclave Is Created Twice
      I38PJ8Infinite loop in htmlParseChunk found by fuzz
      I38QDAStack overflow found by honggfuzz
      I38SNU[21.03] System Services Fail to Be Started Due to SELinux Rules
      I38SONCodegen Fails to Display Messages When the Permission on the EDL Directory That Depends on the SDK Is Abnormal
      I38T6RDisplayed Message Is Unclear When the EDL File Is Not Specified or Is Added After --search-path
      I38WFTPacemaker Service Fails to Be Started in the Daily Build Version of openEuler 21.03, Which Can Be Resolved After the libqb Software Package Is Upgraded
      I38XEC[21.03] Rsyslog Service Fails to Be Started After the Minimum Installation Is Complete
      I38XHF[21.03] irqbalance Process Occasionally Times Out During VM Startup or Restart
      I38XPQ[21.03] lm_sensors Fails to Start or Restart on a Physical Machine or VM
      I38XQ2[21.03] [ARM/x86] Software Package Is Not Downloaded Based on the dnf --downloadonly Parameter
      I38XRJ[21.03] tcsd.service Fails to Start or Restart on a VM
      I38XSC[21.03] VM Fails to Start or Restart rdisc
      I38ZCF[21.03] [ARM/x86] Kernel Version Displayed in /etc/openEuler-latest Is Different from the Actual Kernel Version
      I38ZTE[21.03] File Conflict Occurs When hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-javadoc and hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-help Are Installed
      I391F2[21.03] File Conflict Occurs When freeradius-posgresql and freeradius-mysql Are Installed
      I391PG[21.03] "20.03" Is Displayed on the Boot Screen of the x86/ARM netinst Image and x86 Standard Image
      I3927G[21.03] [x86] Subpackages Conflict Occurs When NVML, nvml-help and PMDK Are Installed at the Same Time
      I392CF[21.03] Warning Information Is Displayed During Firebird Installation
      I392HC[openEuler 21.03] [StratoVirt] Second Startup with the Same Configuration Fails and the Return Value Is Still 0 When the -daemonize Parameter Is Specified to Start a VM
      I392JK[21.03] [ARM/x86] Two python3-wheel Problems
      I392KT[openEuler 21.03] [StratoVirt] Error Message Is Displayed If the iothread Configured for the Device Specified by -drive Does Not Exist When a VM Is Started Using the CLI, But the Return Value Is Still 0
      I393DJ[21.03] "call trace" Is Displayed in the Log After Minimum ARM Physical Machine Installation Is Performed and the System Is Rebooted
      I393JS[21.03] [x86] Error Message Is Displayed When the linux-sgx-driver Is Installed
      I393MX[21.03] Error Message Is Displayed During the Installation of iavf
      I393NF[21.03] Failure Reported During the Installation of sgx-dcap-pccs
      I393PF[21.03] sgx-dcap-pccs Source Code Package Queried by Running the dnf info Command Is sgx-dcap-pccs Instead of linux-sgx
      I393U6[21.03] Exception Occurs When fprintd Is Uninstalled
      I395AI[openEuler 21.03] [StratoVirt] Hot Swap Command Provided by virtio-net in Is Incorrect
      I396YM[21.03] Service Status Is "Failed" After authz Is Disabled on a VM
      I3980LDefault Port Number Needs to Be Changed to 5000 Because 35357 Is No Longer Used
      I398PU[21.03] [x86/ARM] Error "Can't open PID file /run/" Reported by irqbalance
      I399FINo Configuration Files Available
      I399L1HTTPD Configuration File of Horizon Is Unavailable
      I399MWDuplicate spec and package
      I39A55Segment Error Occurs When An Enclave Is Created, A Random Number Is Generated, Encrypted, or Decrypted, or a Large Amount of Information Is Printed
      I39AEY[21.03] [ARM/x86] Error Is Reported When powertop2tuned new_profile_name --force Is Executed
      I39AFM[21.03] Error "could not open '/sys/module/ib_cm/holders'" Is Reported in System Logs of ARM Physical Machines
      I39AH8[21.03] [ARM/x86] Error "startup phases are not supported" Is Reported by systemd-xdg-autostart-generator
      I39AJJ[21.03] ARM Physical Machine Reports the Kernel Error "hisi_sec2 0000:75:00.0: fail to alloc uacce"
      I39ALG[21.03] [ARM] Kernel Error Is Reported on the TaiShan 2280 V2 Physical Machine: "cma: cma_alloc: alloc failed"
      I39AM8[21.03] [ARM] Kernel Error Is Reported on the TaiShan 2280 V2 Physical Machine: "swapper/0 page allocation failure"
      I39ANR[21.03] slpd Service Fails to Be Started Because the Binary File Is Missing When the OpenSLP Is Installed Using the base Source
      I39ET0[21.03] [ARM/x86] Error Is Reported When oemaker Constructs the Standard ISO
      I39EVJNULL pointer dereference in cil_fill_ipaddr
      I39GGV[21.03] Alarm Is Generated When the VM Starts or Restarts the php-fpm Service
      I39H0X[21.03] Self-Compiling of Some Packages Fails Because the Maven Script Is Missing in the Source Code
      I39HQB[21.03] Kernel Fails to Be Compiled Locally
      I39IB4[21.03] NIC Name Is Displayed as "rename" on the NIC and Host Name Setting Page During the Installation of an x86 Physical Machine
      I39IFV[21.03] NGINX Service Document Contains "redhat"
      I39KLFPlacement HTTPD Configuration Is Unavailable
      I39LM9[openEuler 21.03-RC1] [vmtop] Terminal Page Is Refreshed
      I39LMD[openEuler 21.03-RC1] [vmtop] Parameter Parsing and Error Information Is Missing
      I39MI9[21.03] Some SRC Files Fail to Be Compiled Locally Due to the Lack of maven-plugins-pom
      I39N4Y[21.03] Local Compilation of Some Source Code Packages Fails Because totem-pl-parser-devel and pkgconfig (totem-plparser) Are Missing
      I39NDA[21.03] Local Compilation of XSane Fails Due to the Lack of gimp-devel
      I39NWJ[21.03] Local Compilation of gnulib Fails
      I39OT1[21.03] PR Needs to Be Synchronized to the Fix iscsiadm segfault when exiting Branch
      I39OZA[openEuler 21.03] [Virtualization] Support for the Zstd Compression Algorithm by Live Migration Is Not Included in the 21.03 Version
      I39PTICompilation Fails If the Signature Tool and Codegen Are Not Included in the secGear RPM Files
      I39Q0V[21.03] "Failed to migrate controller cgroups" Is Displayed When a Common User Is Added and the user@id.service Corresponding to the User Is Started
      I39RTQOptimized the Command Output for Database Initialization
      I39S7TNo Log Is Recorded When installdep, builddep, and bedepend Are Used to Query a Package That Does Not Exist for Multiple Times
      I39SCE[21.03] "opening triplet file failed" Is Displayed When Logs Are Queried After strongswan Is Enabled
      I39SYV[21.03] Local Compilation of Gemini Blueprint Fails Due to the Lack of springframework-context-support
      I39T5C[21.03] Error Is Displayed During the Startup of the Physical Machine: rdma-init-kernel: Failed to add sysattr match
      I39T7INo Log Is Recorded If a File Does Not Exist During the Querying of Multiple Packages by selfdepend
      I39T9ECompilation Fails If the EDL File Is Not Included When secGear-related RPM Packages Are Installed
      I39T9T[21.03] [ARM/x86] System Reports an Error When the systemctl for Starting the rsyslog service and the rsyslogd Command Are Executed at the Same Time
      I39THU[21.03] Error Message Is Displayed During the Startup of an x86 Physical Machine: "rdma-ndd: set Node Description failed on i40iw0"
      I39TLM[21.03] [ARM/x86] All Commands in the sos Package Cannot be Executed and an Error Is Displayed Indicating that the /etc/sos/sos.conf Configuration File Does Not Exist
      I39TTG[21.03] [ARM/x86] An Error Is Reported When the cppcheck-htmlreport Command in the cppcheck File Is Executed
      I39TTT"sgx_sign:command not found" Is Displayed During Compilation After the secGear RPM Package Is Installed. You Need to Run the source Command on the sgx Package, Compress the Package and Link It Directly
      I39TZM[21.03] openEuler-latest-release Fails to Be Compiled Locally
      I39U52[21.03] Duplicate partuids Exist When Parted Partitions Are Used
      I39U8C[21.03] [ARM/x86] Integrity Error Is Reported on the Physical Machine: "Unable to open file: /etc/keys/x509_ima.der (-2)"
      I39W2T[21.03] Timestamps of the Files in the XFS File System Cannot Be Changed to Later than 2038
      I39W4KCode Generation Tool Needs to Adapt to the secGear/host_inc Directory Created When the secGear-related RPM Files Are Installed
      I39WJXNo Exception Is Captured When a Common User Is Initialized
      I39Y6ECMake Reports an Error After a secGear RPM File Is Installed
      I3A028[21.03] Service Status Is "Failed" After atuned Is Disabled on a VM
      I3A0UX[21.03] Local Compilation of Augeas Fails
      I3A0WO[21.03] Local Compilation of Ceph Fails
      I3A103[21.03] Local Compilation of Coreutils Fails
      I3A11PLocal Compilation of createrepo_c Fails
      I3A16L[21.03] Local Compilation of Devhelp
      I3A1AISetting Permission of the Encrypted Signature File and Others to 600
      I3A1TC[21.03] [x86] System Is Suspended and a Crash File Is Generated After Long-term Stability Test Cases Are Executed
      I3A2BR[21.03] "Failed to parse PID from file /run/" Is Displayed When Logs Are Queried Using nginx start
      I3A3KM[openEuler 21.03] [Virtualization] cpu_custom Patch Is Not Integrated Into Kernel 5.10.0-4.0.0
      I3A3X0[21.03] "Error setting audit daemon pid (Permission denied)" Is Recorded in the Log After the System Is Installed and Anaconda Is Restarted
      I3A50O[21.03] Service Fails to Be Started After atune-engine Is Restarted on a VM
      I3A554[openEuler 21.03] [Virtualization] openEuler 21.03 Occupies a Large Amount of Memory After the ARM Server Is Started
      I3A5VT[openEuler 21.03] [Virtualization] A Small Amount of Memory Leaks During TLS Live Migration
      I3A5YC[21.03] Service speech-dispatcher Fails To Be Started
      I3A600Command /usr/sbin/sfcbd Fails to Run
      I3A66H[21.03] [ARM] System Reports an Exception After a Long-term Stability Test Case Is Executed for a Period of Time
      I3A6CPTwo Basic Packages Fail to Be Compiled Locally After the Value of the Macro openEuler Is Changed to 21.03
      I3A6FU[21.03] [x86/ARM] An Error Is Reported for the semctl09/proc01/tpci Case When LTP Is Executed
      I3A84OAn Error Is Reported When Flags Is Set to 0 During Enclave Creation
      I3A89D[21.03] nghttpx.service Fails to Be Started
      I3A8GHSegment Error Occurs When an Enclave Is Destroyed and Then Recreated
      I3A8IJ[21.03] spice-webdavd.service Fails to Be Restarted
      I3A8OS[21.03] vma Service Status Changes to "inactive" After It Is Reloaded
      I3A8X9[21.03] Error Logs Are Reported After the named-sdb-chroot,named-chroot and named Services Are Started
      I3A8YF[21.03] Error Log "auxpropfunc error no mechanism available" Is Displayed After slapd.service Is Started
      I3A8Z8[21.03] Status of sm-client.service After Start Is: "sm-client.service: Failed to..."
      I3A8ZA[21.03] Error Log "auxpropfunc error no mechanism available" Is Displayed After the sendmail.service Is Started
      I3A936[21.03] Service Status of the bacular-dir, bacular-fd and bacula-sd Services Changes to "failed" After They Are Started and Then Stopped
      I3ABFWInterface Is Changed Due to Package Upgrade
      I3AS0I[RC1] Core Dump Is Triggered When glade Is Executed on the Xfce GUI in the AArch64 Architecture, But It Does Not Occur in the x86_64 Environment
      I3AT8N[21.03] [ARM/x86] systemd-resolved.service Fails to Be Started and the NFS/SMB Service Fails to Be Restarted After the Server Is Restarted After the SELinux Is Enabled
      I3AXP2Error Is Reported When the Enclave Is Repeatedly Created, Random Numbers Are Generated, and the Enclave Is Destroyed
      I3B0IH[21.03] [x86] Physical Machine Cannot Be Brought Online After CPU 0 Is Brought Offline
      I2433Y[pkgship] File /usr/share/doc/pkgship/ Is Not Updated
      I38NK4Segment Error Occurs After the Enclave Is Destroyed
      I3A2COsealert Command Is Unavailable After the Installation
      I3A8AW[21.03] System Responds Abnormally When You Click a Button During the Installation of an x86 VM
      I3AAEM[pkgship] Error Is Reported When Elasticsearch Is Installed and Started Using the Automatic Installation and Deployment Script
      I3AEG7[21.03] Matplotlib Fails to Run
      I3AHWR[pkgship] Database Initialization Often Fails
      I3AITX[21.03] Source Information Queried Using dnf info apache-zookeeper Is Inconsistent with the Source Package Name
      I3AIVF[21.03] Failure Message Is Displayed When the Mailman Is Uninstalled
      I3AIZP[openEuler 21.03] Error Message Is Displayed When the Kernel RPM Fails to Be Installed, Indicating that Headers Are Required
      I3AJ2L[pkgship] Error Is Reported During Command Execution When init_conf_path in the Configuration File Is Set to a Non-YAML File
      I3AJ33[21.03] NIC Is Not Enabled and No IP Address Is Available After the System Is Started
      I3AJ36[pkgship] Code Exception Occurs When the Initialization Command Specifies a File Path that Does Not Exist
      I3AJ5Q[21.03] Service lvm2.pvscan Reports an Error Because the System Installed on the RAID Disk Cannot Be Identified
      I3AJZ3[21.03] spice-webdavd Fails to Be Started Due to the Lack of the Avahi Dependency Package
      I3AK1K[pkgship] Initialized Databases Are Not Sorted Alphabetically When the Configured Database Priorities Are the Same
      I3AKM2[21.03] [x86/ARM] mount -t cgroup -o memory ltp_cgroup /dev/cgroup/ Fails to Be Executed After the /dev/cgroup Directory Is Created
      I3AKUR[openEuler 21.03] [iSCSI] Error Message "Unknown driver'iscsi'" Is Displayed When network_disk Is Started in the New Version
      I3ALZ6[openEuler 21.03] [I/O Suspension] Foolproof Is Not Set and the VM Can Still Be Started Using the QEMU Command When I/O Suspension Is Configured and retry_interval and retry_timeout Are Set to -1
      I3AM39[openEuler 21.03] Core Dump Fails Using the virsh dump Command Immediately After a VM Is Started
      I3AM4T[openEuler 21.03] Memory Information Is Missing from the Cgroup Information of the QEMU Process
      I3AMMG[openEuler 21.03] Setting emulator_quota to 18446744073709551 Fails
      [I3AMTA[pkgship] Elasticsearch Times Out When the openEuler 20.09 Database Is Initialized
      I3AMVH[21.03] [ARM/x86] Some Services Fail to Be Started After SELinux Is Enabled
      I3AMW5[pkgship] Interaction Is Canceled During Automatic Redis/Elasticsearch Installation and Deployment
      I3AN14[pkgship] System Should Prompt the User to Start the pkgship Service Instead of the uWSGI Service When the User Queries a Service That Is Not Started
      I3ANFP[pkgship] Initialization Using the Local Repo Source that Does Not Exist Is Successful
      I3AP8U[pkgship] -install and -build Parameters Cannot Be Transferred at the Same Time During pkgship bedepend Query
      I3AR58[21.03] [x86/ARM] Installed LXCFS Service Fails to Be Started Due to the Lack of the Module to Load FUSE
      I3AR6K[21.03] [ARM/x86] Parameter -q of radeapclient Is Incorrect
      I3ARDX[pkgship] Message Is Displayed Indicating that the Local pkgship Service Needs to be Started When a Client Sends a Request to Query the Server
      I3ARHT[pkgship] System Falsely Displays a Message Indicating that the Service is Started When the Remote Redis Cannot Be Accessed
      I3ARNO[21.03] Formatting of the mkfs.ext3 1.1 TB Disk of a Physical Machine Is Stuck
      I3AROU[pkgship] There Is No Traffic Control Measure for Local Query Accesses
      I3ART8[pkgship] Path in the Log Dump File Is Not Changed Accordingly After the Service Log Path Is Changed and the Service Is Started
      I3ARZH[pkgship] Deleted log_name in the Configuration File Takes Effect After It Is Manually Added and Assigned with a Value
      I3ASPJ[openEuler 21.03] [Virtualization] Compression Level Range That Can Be Set for Zstd Compression Migration Is Inconsistent with that Described in the Document
      I3AUO2Using kexec -l to Add cpuparkmem to Reserve Memory Fails When cpuparkmem Is Not Added in the Baseline Version
      I3AVDX[pkgship] Service Fails to Be Started When query_ip_addr Is Set to an IP Address That Does Not Exist
      I3AVO6[21.03] ARM VM Reports the Following Kernel Error: "ERROR: Endpoint drop flag = 0, add flag = 1..."
      I3AW41[pkgship] Code Exception Is Thrown in the Command Output When an Invalid Address Is Configured for remote_host
      I3AWPM[21.03] ARM Kernel Does Not Support Files Cgroup
      I3AX0D-q Occasionally Fails to Load the Kernel When the Kernel Is Replaced Repeatedly Using -q and -l Alternately
      I3AZUUAccount Is Not Locked If a User Enters Incorrect Login Passwords for Three Consecutive Times
      I3AZYM[21.03 RC2] Error Is Reported When podman stats Is Executed
      I3B0ZWsudo File Syntax Is Incorrect and Cannot Be Used
      I3B17Q[21.03] Error Message "blk_update_request" Is Displayed When the ARM Physical Machine Boots from the USB I/O error
      I3B2B2[21.03] Drive Letter Shift Occurs Occasionally Because No Hot Swap Is Performed
      I3B3BD[21.03] Kernel Error "hisi_sec2: Failed to enable PASID" Occurs on a TaiShan 200 (Model 2280) ARM Physical Machine
      I3B3G0[pkgship] CLI Throws an Exception and Does Not Process It After the Value of database_engine_type in the Configuration File Is Changed
      I3B3IP[pkgship] Value Assignment of the REDIS Parameter in the Configuration File Is Not Verified
      I3B3J7Specifications Should Be Provided for Large Memory Encryption and Decryption
      I3B48M[21.03] [ARM/x86] Exception Occurs After the System Is Restarted When All Base Image Packages Are Installed and SELinux Is Enabled
      I3B4PB[21.03] Kernel Occasionally Reports the Error on the Physical Machine: "usbhid: probe of 1-1.1:1.1 failed with error -110"
      I3B4VE[ARM] [21.03] kexec-related Logs Are Not Recorded During the nvwa Operation
      I3B4XH[ARM] [21.03] Method of Modifying the Service File Configuration Is Improper if the Port Needs to Be Changed During the nvwa Operation
      I3B4XU[ARM] [21.03] Restoration Using nvwa Update Fails If PID Is Occupied
      I3B4ZE[ARM] [21.03] Service nvwa Needs to Support Configuration Update During Restart
      I3B514[21.03] Kernel Error Occurs on an x86 Physical Machine: "xhci_hcd: ERROR: unexpected command completion code 0x11"
      I3B5Z4[21.03] Field "20.03" Is Found in the Quick Start Document
      I3B60G[21.03] Corresponding Image Is Missing
      I3B85Z[21.03] Kernel Error Occurs on an x86 Physical Machine: "ERROR: unexpected command completion code 0x11"
      I3B8JG[21.03] Version Information in the Quick Start Document Is Incorrect
      I3B8NK[21.03] Chinese Installation Guide Does Not Contain the Corresponding Screenshots
      I3BC45[21.03] Formatting of the mkfs.ext3 1.1 TB Disk of a Physical Machine Is Stuck
      I3BD57[21.03] Option Scanning of Security Compilation Is Abnormal
      I3BFEOInspector Startup Service File Does Not Contain the --config-file Option and the Default Configuration File Is Missing
      I3BGE4[21.03] [ARM/x86] Parameter radsqlrelay -P Is Invalid
      I3BMBV[21.03] [ARM] No Use Option for the nvwa Binary
      I3BMHR[21.03] Error Occurs When the samba-tool Command Is Executed
      I3BMJF[ARM] [21.03] Description of the Configuration Items That Users Do Not Need to Pay Attention to in the server.yaml File Should be Optimized to Avoid Incorrect Modification
      I3BQDYProcess isgx Is Still Running After the linux-sgx-driver Is Installed and Then Removed
      I3BQH3[ARM] [21.03] Error Message "File * already exists" Is Displayed When syatemctl enable nvwa Is Used
      I3BW4X[openEuler 21.03] Error Is Reported When cpu.cfs_quota_us of cgroup Is Set to 18446744073709551
      I3C6MPSpelling Error for Error Message "permission denied" Reported by the Codegen
      I3BHF2[ARM] [21.03] Service nvwa Supports Live Migration Only for the Daemon Process and SELinux Needs To Be Disabled
      I3BJIJ[pkgship] Initialization Progress Bar Keeps Running When the Files Fail to be Verified
      I3BMKM[21.03] Error Message Is Displayed During i40e Installation
      I3BOC4[openEuler 21.03] Sub-item 502.gcc of SPEC2017 Is Suspended
      I3BPQ8[21.03] Description About User Passwords in the Administration/Managing Users and User Needs to Be Modified
      I3BQ2Z[pkgship] Initialization Can Be Performed When the Service Is Disabled
      I3BQDX[21.03] Description About Creating a Local Software Repository in the Administration/Managing Software Packages Through Needs to Be Modified
      I3BQE3[21.03] Some Packages Cannot Be Found During Group Installation
      I3BQVH[21.03] Description About Extending a VG in the Administration/Managing Hard Disks Through Needs to Be Modified
      I3BQW6[21.03] Deletion of the / Partition Fails But the System Prompts That It Is Successfully Deleted
      I3BRDW[openEuler 21.03] Device Update Using virsh update-device Fails
      I3BT7H[ARM] [21.03] No Dump Failure Log Is Generated in /etc/nvwa/running When the Service Dump Fails
      I3BT8M[pkgship] pkginfo Interface Implementation Does Not Comply with the Design Document
      I3BTUX[21.03] [ARM/x86] Words in the Dictionary Can Be Used as the Password, Which Is Inconsistent with the Description in the Official Website Manual
      I3BU08[21.03] [ARM/x86] LTP Test Case memcg_stat_test/memcg_use_hierarchy Fails to Be Executed
      I3BU3W[21.03] [x86/ARM] systemd-xdg-autostart-generator Reports an Error Because the pkcs11-register.desktop File Is Not Deleted
      I3BUAQ[21.03] Local Compilation of Atlas Fails
      I3BVKD[21.03] Local Compilation of LAPACK Fails
      I3BVX5[21.03] Error Log "Can't open PID file /run/" Is Displayed After the sendmail.service Is Started
      I3BWCP[21.03] [ARM/x86] LTP semctl09 Fails Due to the glibc Problem
      I3BYW0[21.03] Error Log "Unable to render networking" Is Displayed for the cloud-init Service After It Is Installed and the System Is Restarted
      I3BYW2[21.03] Local Compilation of secGear Fails
      I3C00VDescription in the pkgship Document Is Incorrect
      I3C2ES[21.03] Service rasdaemon of the Physical Machine Displays: "rasdaemon: Can't register mce handler" and "diskerror_eventstore"
      I3C2JT[21.03] [x86] Error Log "Server GSSAPI error" Is Displayed After MariaDB Is Started
      I3C5A9[openEuler 21.03] [ARM] Compilation of libvirt Using the SRC Package Fails
      I3C5LDCore Occurs After etmemd Is Started and etmem migrate start Is Executed
      I3CBT0[21.03] [ARM] kdump Fails to Be Started
      I3CBXD[21.03] Error Message Is Displayed When the Subpackage of GRUB2 Is Uninstalled
      I3CDJQ[21.03] Local Compilation Using rpmbuild Fails
      I3CEO1[21.03] Local Compilation Using rpmbuild Fails

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