Rubik Configuration Description

Basic Configuration Description

The Rubik program is written in Go and compiled into a static executable file to minimize the coupling with the system.

Besides the -v option for querying version information, Rubik does not support other options. The following is an example of version query output:

rubik -v
Version:       1.0.0
Release:       5
Go Version:    go1.17.3
Git Commit:    8e373d2
Built:         2022-12-12
OS/Arch:       linux/amd64

Rubik parses configuration file /var/lib/rubik/config.json upon process startup. Custom configuration file path is currently not supported to avoid confusion.

The configuration file is in JSON format and keys are in lower camel case.

An example configuration file is as follows:

  "autoCheck": false,
  "logDriver": "stdio",
  "logDir": "/var/log/rubik",
  "logSize": 1024,
  "logLevel": "info",
  "cgroupRoot": "/sys/fs/cgroup",
  "cacheConfig": {
    "enable": false,
    "defaultLimitMode": "static",
    "adjustInterval": 1000,
    "perfDuration": 1000,
    "l3Percent": {
      "low": 20,
      "mid": 30,
      "high": 50
    "memBandPercent": {
      "low": 10,
      "mid": 30,
      "high": 50
  "blkioConfig": {
    "enable": false
  "memoryConfig": {
    "enable": true,
    "strategy": "none",
    "checkInterval": 5

Common configuration items:

key[=default_value]TypeDescriptionExample Value
autoCheck=falseboolWhether to automatically rectify incorrect configurations caused by errors.false, true
logDriver=stdiostringLog driver, which can be the standard I/O or file.stdio, file
logDir=/var/log/rubikstringLog directory/var/log/rubik
logSize=1024intTotal size of logs in MB when logDriver=file[10, 2**20]
logLevel=infostringLog leveldebug, info, error
cgroupRoot=/sys/fs/cgroupstringMount point of the system cgroup/sys/fs/cgroup
cacheConfigmapConfigurations of the CPU cache dynamic control module (dynCache)Non
.enable=falseboolWhether to enable dynCachefalse, true
.defaultLimitMode=staticstringdynCache control modestatic, dynamic
.adjustInterval=1000intInterval for dynCache control, in milliseconds[10, 10000]
.perfDuration=1000intperf execution duration for dynCache, in milliseconds[10, 10000]
.l3PercentmapWatermarks of each L3 cache level of dynCache in %Non
..low=20intWatermark of the low L3 cache level[10, 100]
..mid=30intWatermark of the middle L3 cache level[low, 100]
..high=50intWatermark of the high L3 cache level[mid, 100]
.memBandPercentmapWatermarks of each memory bandwidth level of dynCache in %Non
..low=10intWatermark of the low bandwidth level[10, 100]
..mid=30intWatermark of the middle bandwidth level[low, 100]
..high=50intWatermark of the high bandwidth level[mid, 100]
blkioConfigmapConfigurations of the I/O control moduleNon
.enable=falseboolWhether to enable the I/O control modulefalse, true
memoryConfigmapConfigurations of the memory control moduleNon
.enable=falseboolWhether to enable the memory control modulefalse, true
.strategy=nonestringDynamic reclamation strategy for memory of different levelsnone, dynlevel, fssr
.checkInterval=5stringDynamic reclamation strategy check interval(0, 30]

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